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Leadership at AE

At our company, leadership is the cornerstone of our success. With a vision driven by innovation and a passion for making a difference, our leaders inspire greatness in every team member. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and embracing challenges as opportunities, they cultivate an environment of progress and innovation.

"Amidst the uncharted realms of innovation, true leadership emerges, igniting the flame of potential and inspiring greatness in People"  

--  Charan RS (Chief Executive)

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Leadership Events

Inauguration Ceremony  May 23rd

 leadership life is an empowering journey that involves embracing various roles and exercising positive power. Our leaders exemplify a commitment to excellence and collaboration across the organization.

One of the momentous occasions in this journey is the celebration of Inauguration Day, where we come together to commemorate the formal investiture of new leaders into their roles and mark the beginning of a new leadership tenure to drive our company's success forward.

A summit that showcases inspiring stories of successful leaders and their journeys to excellence

event brings together accomplished executives, and aspiring professionals to explore the keys to achieving excellence in leadership.

 thought-provoking keynotes, interactive discussions, and engaging workshops. Gain invaluable insights from distinguished speakers who have successfully navigated the challenges of leadership and achieved remarkable results.

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Excellence Summits

Black Diamond

External Leadership Affairs

Our Leadership goes beyond our internal team; it extends to Great opportunities through Our one of the - Initiatives External leadership affairs of AE. This Initiative provides unique opportunity to showcase the talents of skilled individuals, bringing the best of both our team and the broader community. Leaders of External Leadership affairs are elected in Democratic Method.


 Through External Leadership Affairs We bring Public Events and Investments for Public by Through charitable donations & Other Investments.

we support making a meaningful contribution to society.  External Leadership Affairs are managed by the company's Directors and the Central Leadership of AE. We encourage a culture of learning, innovation, and collaboration, where talented individuals can thrive and drive positive change.

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